Not sure you’re registered, and where?  Click the blue button to check your Michigan registration.  Can’t get out to register?  Call us at 231-753-8411.  Leave a message, and we will call you back.  We’ll help you register — it is your right.

Deliver your absentee voter request and your ballot to your city or  township clerk. Don’t know where that is?  Don’t know who your clerk is?  Check here. Call us at 231-753-8411 if you need help voting absentee.

Absentee ballots will be available soon.  Don’t delay.

When are the elections?

Information coming soon. Call us for information now.

I may need help getting to the polls

Charlevoix County Transit provides rides to township, city, & village polling locations  — NO CHARGE.  Call 231-582-6900 for information.  Charlevoix Dems will help you get to the polls as well.  Call us at 231-753-8411.

Am I qualified to vote?

You must be a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years old on or before the day of the election.  You must have been a resident of Michigan for at least 30 days before the election.  You must register in advance of the election.  Generally, your residence is where you sleep and have your things.  Service People can register in the place of their last legal residence.  If you have a Michigan driver’s license, you must use the same address for voting.  Have you recently moved?  Make sure you change your address for your driver’s license before the election.  That way your voter registration will be automatically updated.  Do it soon.

Where do I register?

Lots of choices:

Secretary of State branch offices (get your driver’s license renewed, your address changed, and register to vote at the same time!)  THIS IS THE BEST OPTION IF YOU CAN GET THERE.  Call us if you need help.

At your county, city, or township clerk (Charlevoix County Clerk is at 210 State Street in downtown Charlevoix, 231-547-3250).

Department of Human Services, Community Health, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and Armed Forces recruiters.

Can I register by mail?

Yes!  You can get a mail-in form at the Michigan Department of State web site CLICK HERE.  Or you can come to any Charlevoix County Democratic Party event, and we’ll have copies for you.  Can’t get there and don’t know how to download and print a form?  Let us know and we will make sure you get one.  Register in person if you can.  That way you can take care of any ID issues early, and you can vote the first time absentee (by mail, or early).

If you have never voted in Michigan and register by mail, then you must vote in person the first time.  There are exceptions:  if you personally deliver the mail-in form to your county, city, or township clerk’s office; or you are age 60 or older; or you are disabled; or you are overseas and qualified to vote that way, then you can vote “absentee,” even the first time.  Call 231-547-3250 if you aren’t sure whether you must vote in person.

Do I need photo ID?

Maybe.  If you are new voter, it’s best to go to or call the County Clerk or Secretary of State’s Office and find out.  You don’t want to end up unable to vote when you arrive at the polls.  The Secretary of State’s Office is your best bet for this.  Here is a list of ID you should take with you to register.

Change of address or name

If you have moved, go to your Secretary of State or County, City, or Township Clerk and update it.  Don’t lose your right to vote because you’ve moved!  If your name has changed, take the documentation to the Secretary of State Office.  It’s always best to change your address at the Secretary of State’s Office, too, because then you can update your drivers license or other state ID at the same time.

How do I vote?

Go to your polling place, fill out a card with your name, address, & date of birth on it.  Instructions are posted.  If you need help voting for any reason, ask for someone of either political party to help.  There will be someone there to help you.

If you do not have ID with you, and you have voted before, you are still entitled to vote.  Fill out the affidavit on the reverse side of the card and ask for your ballot.

You do NOT need to indicate that you are a citizen when you vote — you did that when you registered.

Call us immediately if you have trouble voting, and you are registered.

What if I am in jail, or was in jail?

In Michigan, you can vote if you are awaiting arraignment or trial, and after release.  While you are serving your sentence, you may not vote.

May I vote by mail?

First:  check your registration.  Make sure it is valid, and that your registration address is current.   Click the blue button at the top of this page to check your registration.

Voting by mail is called absentee voting.  You may do this in Michigan if you expect to be absent on election day, you are physically unable to attend the polls, you cannot attend the polls for religious reasons, you are 60 years of age or more, or because you are in jail awaiting arraignment or trial.  (Not in Michigan?  Click the green button at the bottom of this page to check the requirements in other states or abroad.)

To get an absentee ballot, you must contact the clerk of your city or township in writing.  You must state the reason you cannot be present to vote, and tell where the ballot must be mailed or delivered, give your present registered address, and sign the request.  Absentee ballots can be mailed only to your own registration address or an address outside the community.

You can request a form to fill out to request an absentee ballot by phone, fax, email, in person, or mail.  You can deliver your signed request by letter or post card, and you can turn the application form in to the clerk by mail or in person.

Find out who / where your clerk is by clicking the yellow button at the top of this page.  If you come to our office at 805 Bridge St. in Charlevoix, we will help you fill out your absentee ballot request, and provide you with an addressed envelope you can use to mail it to your clerk.  You’ll have to provide the stamp yourself!

When must I deliver an absentee ballot?

A mailed application must reach the clerk by 2:00 pm on the Saturday before the election.

An application delivered by hand must reach the clerk’s office by 4:00 pm the day before the election.  Yes, you can pick it up, fill it out, and hand it in all on the same day.

An emergency absentee voter ballot can be obtained on election day in the case of family death or illness that calls you out of town.

Your ballot must be received by the city or township (NOT county) clerk by 8:00 pm on election day.  Your SIGNATURE must be on the return envelope, or your votes will not be counted.

Find out who / where your clerk is by clicking the large yellow button at the top of this page.

Absentee ballots are expected to be available by September 15.  Request one immediately!

Can someone else deliver my absentee ballot for me?

Yes, an immediate family member or another person in your household may deliver your ballot to the clerk on your behalf.  If you need someone else to deliver it for you, that person must be a registered voter and must sign an authorizing certificate.  Call your clerk for more information.

I requested an absentee ballot, but I’m home after all.  Can I still vote?

If you haven’t yet voted, and you want to vote in person, you should go to your polling place, inform the person there that you had requested an absentee ballot, but that you will not be using it.  You may have to sign something to that effect, but you will be permitted to vote in person.

I’m not sure whether I’m registered?  How do I find out?

The state of Michigan has a website where you can find out your polling place, find out where your clerk’s office is, check your registration status, and even find out how to fill out the ballot.  Click the blue Check Registration button at the top of this page.

To find out how to register, how and when to vote, and what to take with you to register or vote, click this button.

Most states require that you be a resident of a state for 30 days before you can vote there.

If you are simply visiting, you need to request an absentee ballot from your state of residence.  See information above on voting “absentee.”

American citizens living and residing abroad are still entitled to vote. Click this button to find out where you can vote and how.

Members of the Armed Services should request their absentee ballots early so that their votes will be counted. Don’t wait!