New Bill Hopes to Lower Military Suicides

An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide every single day but a bill co-sponsored by Senator Joe Donnelly aims to lower that number.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Military suicides aren’t something new. However, the number of daily suicides among veterans is staggering. An estimated 22 veterans per day commit suicide. This number has caused members on either side of the political aisle to lay down their affiliation and extend a hand.

“This means that the senate is working and the process is working,” Rep. Jackie Walorski (R) said. “I am elated and I am thrilled because as I sit on the VA committee and we look at the fact that there are 22 suicides every day in this country of service men and women, and it’s been a tough issue to deal with. It’s tough when the families have to come in and talk about it. Really, this is no different than what we did with military sexual assault. We took a problem, we reached across the aisle immediately and we stood up not as republicans or democrats. We stood up as Americans for our fighting veterans.”  Read More