Why Michigan is a key state to watch in the 2016 presidential race

Since 1992, Michigan has voted for the Democratic candidate in presidential elections, but the 50-state poll suggests Trump has a shot at flipping the state. Clinton stands at 46 percent to Trump’s 44 percent, and when third-party candidates are included, has a one-point edge, with Johnson receiving 13 percent and Stein taking 5 percent. Other recent polls in the state find Clinton with a more comfortable lead, between seven and 10 points.

More than 8 in 10 of the state’s registered voters are white, a group that Trump is leading by nine points in the Post-SurveyMonkey poll released this week. Clinton leads by a much larger 51-point margin among the 2 in 10 Michigan voters who are nonwhite. Both Trump’s and Clinton’s edges here are similar to many other states.  Read More