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Support Local Efforts

Help support local candidates, local voter registration efforts, and the local Democratic organization.

Donating by check: please print the donation form using the link below and send it with your check.  Donation Form

Charlevoix County Democratic Party
03877 Commodore
East Jordan, MI  49727

Thank you!

Interested in Joining the Local and/or State Parties?

Help us bring sanity back to the political process –join us now!

To be a member of the Executive Board of the county or to be an officer, and to vote in caucuses and endorsement conventions, you must join the Michigan Democratic Party.

When you join the Michigan Democratic Party, you’ll automatically become a member of the party in the county of your residence, and a portion of your dues will come back to the county.

  • Join the Charlevoix County Democratic Party only

To join the Charlevoix County Democratic Party and NOT the Michigan Democratic Party.   Please fill out an APPLICATION and mail it to us at Charlevoix County Democratic Party, 03877 Commodore, East Jordan, MI  49727.   Make your check payable to the Charlevoix County Democratic Party.

Membership categories:
Individual – $10
Couple – $20
Student – $5
Retiree – $5
Retired Couple – $10

Political Contributions & the Law

  • There is no limit to the amount that you can donate to a county political party.
  • Contributions to political organizations must be reported to the Secretary of State and are available to the public.   Therefore we are unable to accept anonymous donations and cash donations greater than $20.
  • Donations to political organizations and political candidates are not deductible for federal income tax
  • Donations of up to $50 or $100 on a joint return are deductible from your State of Michigan income tax.
  • Dues and purchases of merchandise, including t-shirts and campaign materials, such as buttons and bumper stickers, are considered contributions and must be reported.
  • For information regarding contributions to and expenses of the Charlevoix County Democratic Party, go to the Secretary of State website where all state, county and city political organizations must report contributions and expenses.

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