WELCOME to the website of the Charlevoix County Democratic Party.  We’re here to help you stay informed, take action, contribute, participate in the political process, and make your voice heard.

In almost every race, the Republican vote went down while our vote went up!  We are making progress.  Secondly, we had an amazing group of volunteers.   We are growing as a party.  So, let’s keep it going.  We need to continue building a strong foundation for our Charlevoix County Democratic Party (CCDP).  Here are some ways you can get involved.

We need people to join our four standing committees:
1. The Membership Committee – working to grow and sustain our party membership.  
2. The Political Organizing  Committee –  focusing recruiting local candidates to run in 2016.
3. The Fundraising Committee – critical to our ability to function in 2016.
4. The Youth Outreach Committee – finding way to get young people involved in the political process. 

Thanks and let me know where you can contribute, Kris Busk, Chair Charlevoix County Dems 231.675.8752      

Passing on an invitation from the Emmet Dems. They would like to get started soon, so volunteer today! Hello Charlevoix Dems!   We (Gordy & Carolyn Bourland ) have volunteered with the Lon Johnson for Congress campaign to help him raise money for “LON SIGNS” (aka: lawn signs).   He would like thousands of Lon Johnson for Congress signs in yards for the Primary and General Election.  

You can help him reach his goal by volunteering to make phone calls for an average of two hours a week for the next month.   You can make the calls at your home with your own phone and computer (It’s an easy system) any days that are convenient for you.  You will ask people to donate to the “Lon Sign” website at lonsign.com  

They (and YOU!) can donate on line in one lump sum or break it up into a monthly amount for the rest of the election campaign using ACT BLUE donation service.  It’s easy and very affordable! They (and YOU) can start at $5 per month, $10, $25 or any amount comfortable for you!  

If you volunteer to help us make calls, you will be given an easy and quick training session. This is a great way to get started on the 2016 election cycle.   ALL MONEY RAISED will be used solely for LON SIGNS, which are critical in this HUGE 1st District.  Therefore, you KNOW where your money is going. 

Waiting for your reply, Carolyn & Gordy Bourland Emmet County Dems 586-202-0122 clbourland@charter.net

You Asked: Donating by Check

Pressing the Donate Now button takes you to Act Blue, where you can donate safely by credit or debit card. Want to use a check instead? Click the green Donate/Join tab above to find out how.

Local Politics

All politics are local. Local gerrymandering and extreme politics in primaries have produced the unthinkable — state and national elections that don’t represent the wishes of the majority.  Stay involved between presidential elections — you CAN make a difference. And have fun at the same time.  Call or email and we’ll get back to you.  Or Click Here to let us know how you would like to help.

Every four years is when we elect Township officials.  It’s time to get some Democrats on the ballot in our County! The Charlevoix Dems will help anyone who is willing to run. Think about running for Township Trustee. It is at this level of government that you can have immediate impact on issues directly affecting you and your neighbors. Again, let us know and we will help you get started. This is also the time when we elect all our County positions, from Clerk to Commissioner. Are you willing to run?

 Contact me and let’s talk. The filing deadline for Township and County races is April 19. As in other election years, the Char Dems will be visible and active: Parades, Stroll the Streets, Candidate events, our garage sale.  As it gets closer to the election we will open an office and stage our intense Get-Out-The-Vote effort – making phone calls, knocking on doors, putting out our signs. The Charlevoix Dems are an amazing group.

 I know that I can count on each and every one of you to step up, get involved and work together to elect Democrats in 2016!


Keep in touch about events with the Charlevoix Democratic Party.  Keep checking for upcoming events.


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