Event Alert

Candidate Forum on Monday.
Expect Barb Conley and Jodi Decker to be there!

Emmet and Charlevoix County Candidate Forum
for State Senate and State Representative seats
Monday, Sept. 26, 5:30 to 8:30
North Central Michigan College’s Iron Horse Cafe
–Also available as a live stream–


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Columnist Jack Lessenberry spoke about upcoming elections in Charlevoix

Political columnist and historian Jack Lessenberry chats with Jane Rodgers after a lively presentation and response to audience questions at the Charlevoix Library on Sept. 15. Jane led the organizing of the event, focusing on the upcoming elections. A sizeable crowd was on hand.

Click this link to read Lessenberry’s recent columns.

U.S. Congress Candidate Dr. Bob Lorinser on Why He’s Running

Click here to read Dr. Bob’s full statement on the “What We Think” of this Website

State Senate Candidate Barbara Conley on Abortion Rights

Dr. Conley concludes her thoughtful, powerful statement: “I believe we must promote age-appropriate education of how our bodies function, as well as preserve reproductive health care for all women, including being able to see a provider for advice, safe and effective birth control, and safe and effective abortion.”




Sue Stockman shows off the beautiful door at the Charlevoix Democratic Party Office. Pick up yard signs, buttons, bumper stickers, and other campaign swag from until November 10 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 2-6, and on Saturdays, 1-4. We’re located at U.S. 06777 31 South in Charlevoix. Stop by and say hello!


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