WELCOME to the website of the Charlevoix County Democratic Party.  We’re here to help you stay informed, take action, contribute, participate in the political process, and make your voice heard.

Join One Of  Our Working Groups

Ok – we all know that this last election was bitterly disappointing. But, we have a few things to be proud of here in Charlevoix County.  First of all, when comparing 2014 results to 2010 results there was improvement in the democratic vote in Charlevoix County.  In almost every race, the Republican vote went down while our vote went up!  We are making progress.  Secondly, we had an amazing group of volunteers.  We actually had more volunteers in 2014 than in 2012 – a presidential year.  And because of that, we knocked on more doors, made more phone calls and covered more shifts in the office than ever before.  We are growing as a party.  So, let’s keep it going.  We need to continue building a strong foundation for our Charlevoix County Democratic Party (CCDP).  Here are some ways you can get involved.

We need people to join our four standing committees:
1. The Membership Committee – working to grow and sustain our party membership.  
2. The Political Organizing  Committee –  focusing recruiting local candidates to run in 2016.
3. The Fundraising Committee – critical to our ability to function in 2016.
4. The Youth Outreach Committee – finding way to get young people involved in the political process. 

Thanks and let me know where you can contribute, Kris Busk, Chair Charlevoix County Dems 231.675.8752


You Asked: Donating by Check

Pressing the Donate Now button takes you to Act Blue, where you can donate safely by credit or debit card. Want to use a check instead? Click the green Donate/Join tab above to find out how.

Local Politics

All politics are local.  You’ve heard it before, but it has never been more true.  Local gerrymandering and extreme politics in primaries have produced the unthinkable — state and national elections that don’t represent the wishes of the majority.  Stay involved between presidential elections — you CAN make a difference. And have fun at the same time.

Call or email and we’ll get back to you.  Or Click Here to let us know how you would like to help.


Summertime, Parades and Democrats!!

The Charlevoix Dems will participate in two parades this summer:

The Boyne City Fourth of July Parade, Saturday July 4th at 10 a.m.

The Venetian Fesitval, Saturday July 25that 11 a.m.

Please join us!  We need parade walkers, people to hand out candy, people to ride in the truck and wave!!  It’s fun, it’s easy and it reminds our friends and neighbors that THERE ARE DEMOCRATS IN CHARLEVOIX COUNTY!!   The parades last about an hour.  Volunteers need to be at parade site ½ before start time.  We will let you know where to find the float when you volunteer.   If you are able to participate please respond by email to democrats.charlevoix@gmail.com   or call Ruth Grass at 231-536-0807


Stay in Touch:

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  • Click on the Calendar tab above to see our printable, downloadable, interactive calendar of meetings and events.

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