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For an overview of the November election’s impact on Michigan and its counties, click here.


Pete Buttigieg in Charlevoix:
Read the Petoskey News-Review Coverage by Clicking Here

The article was also published in The Detroit News via the U.S.A Today news service.

Pete Buttigieg, Dr. Bob Lorinser, Barb Conley, and Jodie Decker spoke at the Charlevoix Library on Saturday to kick off a day of knocking on doors with Charlevoix Democrats.


Charlevoix Dems’ Letters to the Editor Pop Up at Election Time

Seven Letters to the Editor from Charlevoix Dems have appeared in the Petoskey News-Review and The Northern Express. Read them on the “What We Think” page on this website (click here). Thanks to Tracy Ward, Marilyn Morehead, Beth Freeman, Hilary Sontag, Jim Rodgers, JoEllen Rudolph, and Jim Rudolph, who have stated our positions to the public so persuasively.


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